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Encouraging Healthier Habits for Her

At Care Clouds we believe in kinder treatment of our habitat while promoting healthy alternatives to disposable sanitary pads. Did you know that disposable feminine products often contain bleach and chemicals that are known to cause skin irritation, prolonged menstrual bleeding, and unpleasant odours?

Cloth pads not only give you a fresh feeling, they save money and reduce the amount of harm we cause our environment. Imagine every woman disposing of thousands of pads in her lifetime. That's what would happen if none of us used cloth. Reusable cloth pads are designed for modern women. They're easy to care for and comfortable to wear.

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Women today are learning to make better choices and it is in my heart to help provide these eco-friendly options. We also make extra pads and donate them to two organizations empowering young women in need.
Care Clouds owner Myriam

Care Clouds is a small and friendly handmade boutique based in Canada, and owned by me, Myriam Bertrand. All creations were designed and made in my home sewing studio.


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